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Our services regarding Matrimonial Law are as follows:

You have decided to get married or to live together.  You are married or have lived together over a lengthy period of time.  You are members of a traditional or recomposed step family.  You seek information as to the financial and legal consequences of such a relationship.  A notary can assist you.

We can assist you professionally at each step of your relationship by :

  • informing you of all the aspects of family law and fiscal rights as they apply to your family situation;
  • informing you as to the various types of matrimonial regimes;
  • helping you to choose the matrimonial regime most appropriate to your particular situation;
  • finding solutions should you have no intention of getting married.

Our notaries are also here to assist you in finding amicable solutions in case of divorce or separation related disputes.  In such instances, the notary’s role as a mediator can help to prevent lengthy and drawn-out conflicts.