Various activities

Because of their training and practice, the Associated Notaries can provide you with advice in the various fields of law, in particular by drawing up legal opinions on specific issues.

Adult protection law

The Notaires Associés are particularly proficient in drawing up a mandate in the case of incapacity according to your wishes.

You wish to keep your right of self-determination and reduce state-controlled interference through a guardianship. Since 2013, it has been possible to nominate a natural or legal person to give you personal assistance, manage your assets or represent you in the event that you become incapable of judgement, in lieu and in place of a guardian.

Legalisation of signature – certified true copy

You must have your signature legalised on an official document, such as, for example, a power of attorney, a permit to travel abroad, or a request for withdrawal from your retirement savings, the Notaires Associés take care of this service.

You must present a certified copy of your original documents (for example, identity documents, diplomas, report cards or any other original document), the Notaires Associés can take care of this.


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