Commercial law

You wish to create a company, operate a business, give your independent business an appropriate legal form or modify an existing company. Notaires Associés are competent to give advices in matters of commercial law, in collaboration with the fiduciaries who deal with the fiscal aspects of the transactions.

Notaires Associés are particularly qualified in:

  • setting up a joint stock company, a limited liability company, a foundation or a cooperative society
  • carrying out subsequent increases or reductions of share capital or social capital
  • modifying the articles of association of your company, particularly in the case of change of head office, of purpose or any other statutory modifications
  • restructuring your companies through merger, scission or transfer of property
  • putting in place sanitisation procedures.

Notaires Associés may also advise you in the following areas:

  • the constitution and/or writing of the articles of association of a company or a foundation,
  • the writing of contracts for a simple partnership and a general partnership,
  • the preparation of contracts for transfer of company shares,
  • the obtaining of tax exemption when a foundation is set up,
  • to establish notifications, or statements, or to help you with all procedures which are necessary in order to be registered at the Trade Register.


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