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For a general estimate of the costs involved, please use the “association des notaires vaudois” site.

For a more detailed one, we invite you to make direct contact with the Notary of your choice who will be happy to provide you with one.

Notary Fees – Price Index – Clarification

In 2007 a consumer report was published regarding a comparative study of notary fees in various Swiss cantons. The study’s conclusions showed that there was a wide disparity in pricing which varied from a factor of 1 to 8 depending on the Canton. As per this report, the highest fees were applied in the Cantons of Valais, Bern and Tessin with the lowest ones in the Cantons of Schwytz, Appenzell-Rhodes Extérieures, Schaffhouse and Zoug.

The report was based on the comparison of 9 standard notarial acts. In this comparative report, for real estate sales, establishment of mortgage guarantees, company incorporations, the notaries in the Canton of Vaud were ranked amongst some of the most expensive in Switzerland, in 6th position.

The Association of Notaries for the Canton of Vaud feels that this comparative study was flawed and wishes to shed some light on the methodology that was used in the interpretation of the study’s results.

Administrative Formalities

Notaries in the Canton of Vaud take on many administrative tasks prior to and after the instrumentation of an act. Government employed notaries do not provide this type of service and limit themselves to registering the act. Most often such an act requires the prior intervention of a lawyer, a fiduciary company, or a tax advisor, all of whose fees must also be borne by the client, a fact that was not taken into consideration in the comparative study.

The 2007 report therefore draws comparisons between situations that are not comparable.

Social Cost

Even though fees received by Government employed notaries cover their global costs, sometimes even making some profits for the Government, they also often work at a loss on smaller cases. They offer a portion of their consulting services – that remain at the charge of the taxpayer, and catch up on bigger cases, most notably in real estate, as is the case in the Canton of Zurich, where they offer neither discounted nor flat-rate fees.

Notary remuneration in the Canton of Vaud for what is termed authentic acts is set by the Government and is applied in an identical manner to all the notaries in the Canton. For cases involving lesser amounts, notaries in the Canton of Vaud, in the mean, also offer more advantageous prices but wholly on their own responsibility and at their own cost, and without receiving any taxpayer originating subsidies.

Did You Know:

Notaries in the Canton of Vaud and in all the other French speaking Cantons, exercise a liberal profession. Notarial offices are therefore private enterprises that must be economically viable. In other Cantons, such as Zurich, Turgovie, Appenzell-Rhodes Extérieures, notaries are Government paid employees